Vixen Vapors Is My Favorite! But Question About Steeping Zombgone

I’m just thoroughly impressed with vixen vapors. I ordered a sample pack from pinkspot and honestly wasn’t impressed. Not even with Black Mamba (was my favorite out of the samples I tried though)

I’m on my second order from vixen vapors and I just love how you can specify the flavor strength, vg / pg blend, and amount of menthol to ANY flavor you choose.
I havent had to steep anything yet though, I guess because I always ordered the smallest bottles so I could try a bunch of flavors, but this time I got the zom B gone in a bigger bottle and it smells WAY off. Just smells like vapor rub. Is this what its supposed to smell like before they have ebay e cig to steep? My “method” so far is this. Let it sit in hot water until the water cools. Then taking the lid off until tomorrow. Is this going to be effective enough and how long does it usually take? Its a 10 ml bottle.
Oh and my new favorite from vixen vapors is Vixens Secret. I dont think I’ve needed to steep ANY of the tiny bottles I’ve ordered so far and I’ve ordered about 7 different ones.
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