What To Look For When Purchasing An E-cig

As you very well know, if you would like to switch over to an e-cigarette you will find there are plenty of brands out there and if you’re new to these cigarettes, it will be a little difficult for you to go with the best on. After all, they’re all saying they are the best, so which v2 cig coupon code of them can you go with?

The truth is that most e-cigarettes work in a similar manner and while some of them consist out of 2 pieces, others consist of 3 pieces: the battery and cartomizer or the nicotine\flavor cartridge, atomizer and battery. Apart from this, you will find the difference in e-cigarettes to lie in the quality of the customer service and dependability.
How Can an E-Cig Suit My Personality?
You’ll find e-cigarettes look different from one another, even though when they first appeared on v2 cigs the market, they all looked basically the same, resembling a regular cigarette. However, things changed and now you can buy e-cigarettes that look like pencils, cigars and so on, but also feature blue, red, orange and other colors when it comes to their tip. When smoking them you will also benefit from the same experience you would normally do when smoking a regular cigarette, so what more can you ask for?
Look for a Solid Warranty
When you have finally decided to shop for an electronic cigarette, you will need to take into account the warranty or guarantee it comes with. While some v2 cigs manufacturers will offer you a thirty days guarantee, others will offer you 60 days, but also 1 year on their products. That is why depending on the company you’d like to buy the e-cigarette, checking out the warranty period is mandatory.
Customer Service
When you purchase an e-cigarette, you will also need to find out whether the company has an excellent customer service in place. You may have problems with the e-cigarette or you may have some questions about it and this means you need to have a reliable service that can answer your questions. You should be able to get in touch with the company via Skype, by mail, phone or E-mail. When sending them an E-mail, you’ll generally be able to hear from them in around 24 hours.
As you are checking out product details and deals, be sure to check out the customer service of the company you are considering. All of the best brands tend to offer very responsive customer service along with a good website with lots of information and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.
Choosing a Starter Kit
The price for an e-cigarette starter kit will vary in price from one brand to another and if you’re going for some basic kits, you will find they cost around sixty dollars. If you want to get a more extensive kit that contains everything you need for a prolonged vaping experience, you will find they cost a few hundred dollars more.
Some kits come with a single battery, but there are also others that come with more batteries, so be sure you get the one the fits your need best. You may also want to think about getting one that comes with a portable charger as well. Enjoy your new e-cigarette!
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